I didn’t get the Marc Jacobs internship.

“What Marc Jacobs internship?” you may be asking.

Oh. Just the Marc Jacobs internship that I purposely didn’t write about on the blog so that when I did get it, I could be all, “Surprise! I got a Marc Jacobs internship that I didn’t even tell you guys I applied for!”

My plan didn’t really pan out because I didn’t get the internship.

So, now I am telling you about an internship for the first time and what I’m telling you about it, is that I didn’t get it. Get it?

You want to know the worst part? I actually sort of did get the internship because they really liked me and my resume and my portfolio, but they needed me to start in the beginning of May. That is sort of hard to pull off when you don’t get out of school until the end of May. You win this point, Mr. Semester.

…Thinking about it now, though, maybe using the old scheduling excuse was just a nice and easy way of saying they didn’t want me without actually saying they didn’t want me. That is quite likely. Burn.

Bottom line: I’m pretty bummed. I don’t really want to talk about it. This week has sort of sucked. And today I got an awkward sunburn.

Sorry that I’ve been awfully complainy lately. It just really has been one of those weeks. I’m giving myself until Sunday to be upset/overwhelmed about/with life. And then I have to stop being such a whiny beezy.

Brightside: It can only get better from here though, yeah?

2 thoughts on “Whomp.

  1. I have been having one of those weeks too. whaddya say we throw on some nautical wear and sail away listening to country music to a far away island and live off coconuts and rice? whats that? you'd love to?! me too! its a date! <3 love you! im proud of you for applying btw. next time you'll get it!

  2. Sorry to hear this, but you know that something better IS going to come along! Don't get down! Get motivated! You are so special and talented! I am going to meet up with you in New York City very soon! I feel it! Love from your Aunt Beth

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