I Love Spring Break

I love how excited Spencer was to finish Winter quarter and go to California. 
I love being a creepy roommate.

I love how, even when traveling, Spencer fits in some “me” time and paints her nails at the airport. 

I love the desert views from the plane to California. 

I LOVE Balboa Island walks and I LOVE being reunited with my two sisters. 
I just love this picture.
I love having red hair one day and having an ambiguously colored pixie the next.

I love Crystal Cove and I love old friends. 
I love the cliffs at El Moro.

We ALL love La Serena. 
I love the Top of the World. 

I love when Claire falls asleep in the car after “a big breakfast.”

I love Grandma Bunny. 

I love the drive to the desert. …The second half, at least.

I love laying in the grass and laughing with two of my best friends. 
I love how excited these two were about the Seal on the dock. 

I love how she was literally brought to tears about it.
I love my B10LA friends.

I don’t love leaving.

3 thoughts on “I Love Spring Break

  1. AHHH seeing all those pictures makes me want to go back home! You went to see Grandma Bunny??? Did she make you pie or am I the only lucky granddaughter who gets pie when I visit?;) Love you!


  2. I love it you were here. I love it you'll be here again. I love you brought your friends with you. I love your friends. I love you!


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