When in doubt: Bullet Point Post.

You guys know that when you see the bullet points, it means that I have exhausted all creative and interesting fibers in my body and that I, in now way, would be able to put together a group of coherent sentences regarding any topic. Well, I’m OK with bullet point posts. But. When it is day THREE of the quarter and I am already resorting to the bullet point post?! Man, oh, man. That’s saying something.

The last three days in summary. Go.

  • Speech- extremely exuberant teacher. Some may say “flamboyant.” The jury’s still out on that one. 
  • Fashion sketching- I’m either going to love or hate this class. Maybe a little of both. Definitely a little of both. Classmates: Very fashiony. 
  • Monday night felt naked without an 8 o’clock date with Chris Harrison. Emily, come quick!
  • Loving the 11am start time of my classes. With the craziness of this quarter, I think that that may be the main solace in days of unrest. Had an amazing quiet time. 
  • I’m going to make that more of a “thing.” Quiet time, I mean. I know that this is not an original thought in any way, but I need to do it more. Ok. It’s been decided. Quiet time is going to be my new pre 11:00 AM “thing.”
  • Started off yesterday right. Dirty Chai and a lemon bar at Back in the Day Bakery. Two reasons. 1) Dirty Chai’s are my fave. 2) It was Spencer’s Birthday!!!! The big 2-0. This is the one that forced me into identity crisis, remember? 
  • Starting your day off with a lemon bar and coffee is not good for Julia. Especially when Julia doesn’t eat anything else and then expects to wait until 4:30 when classes are over to eat again. Not gonna happen.
  • Urban Ethnography- get to work with a local abandoned school in an impoverished area. (Think Mini St.) So excited about that. Our professor often stops in the middle of thoughts and makes full eye contact with one student. No speaking and no facial expression with no explanation for about 15 seconds. This intrigues me. Maybe a social tick? Does that exist, Kaitlin? Diagnose her. A little bummed about the fact that the book about the Mole people was dropped from our syllabus. Lots of caffeine induced shaking. From me. Not the Professor. 
  • Google Mole people.
  • Let me clarify: In case you were concerned for my well-being, due to the fact that I am highly allergic to citrus and was eating a lemon bar, rest easy. My friend, Susie, just eats the lemon part and I just eat the shortbread part. It’s a collaboration. 
  • Necessary food break at Foxy Loxy. Chicken taco. Delish. With class from 11-4:30 and a 20 minute break, this is going to be the quarter of brown paper bag lunches. 
  • Made the realization that I may not be getting credit for my Urban Ethnography class. That’s really not gonna fly with me. 
  • Had some time to kill, so I headed over the administration building to check and not only was I not getting credit for my class, but I had not paid for this quarter of school. Oops. 
  • Both problems are being sorted out. 
  • Apparel 1- Teacher is very calm. Too calm. Like he knows. Classmates: Very Fashiony. Homework: To take one single thread out of a piece of muslin, one inch from the edge. He said to expect this to take a three or four hours. And then he laughed. He does know. 
  • Went to the bookstore/supply store with Susie immediately after class. There were 8,000 other people there. Spent a truckload of money. Wanted to cry. Didn’t. Success. 
  • Forgot to pick up Spencer from class. Happy birthday, Spence! 
  • Came home and wrote a four page list. The list of all lists. The list I’ve been training for my whole life. Taped it to my door. 
  • Went to dinner for Spencer’s birthday at Miyagi’s! (Think Benihana) Our server’s name was Roy. I missed the shrimp when he threw it at my mouth. So did Frances. Made the realization that the only option for Frances Russell when it comes to career choices is working at a hibachi grill as a chef. We asked if they were hiring. They said she needed to cut her hair. She was ok with that. 
  • Had a really intense tooth ache for 5 solid minutes. And then it went away. Unexplained. 
  • Came home. 
  • Homework.
  • Slept. 
  • 7:40 wake-up call with Frances and Claire. 
  • Today is Wednesday. 

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