It’s Spring Quarter.

Good morning, friends.

I am back in Savannah and today marks the beginning of Spring Quarter. I don’ think I have ever been more nervous for school in my life. This quarter, like last quarter, I am taking an extra class, but this time, all four classes are going to be extremely labor intensive.

Spencer, Claire and I got back in Savannah on Saturday night and spent all of Sunday grocery shopping and moping around and discussing the fact that we are not ready for the quarter to begin as if talking about it would somehow change anything.

We also found out some bad news about our house last week. The owner wants to rent it to us, like she had said, but what she didn’t explain until recently was that as soon as her house sells, she’s giving us 60 days to move out. This is a major bummer. And a major hassle. Her house, which we learned is in an unfinished track home development, may not sell until next year or it could sell tomorrow. Or, worst case scenario, it could sell in the middle of the summer when none of us are here. Sort of like a Russian Roulette of Rentals. Oh, dear me, this house, I tell ya.

And on top of all of this, at around 6 o’clock yesterday, I started to feel sick. My stomach apparently doesn’t want the quarter to start either. To make a gross story short, I was up all night ‘tossing my cookies,’ as my third grade teacher, Mrs. Walsvig, used to say. No fun.

In effort to not make this the most self-pitying post I have ever written, I will say that I think I am going to like my class schedule for the next 10 weeks. I have every morning free until 11, but some of my roommates have 8AM’s. I have found that I am quite a light sleeper, so them leaving around 7:40 every morning will motivate me to wake up and then I have a few hours everyday to kick around and read my Bible, Blog, and maybe exercise. I said maybe.

Please pray for me today. I am not feeling too collegiate at the moment.

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