I’m fresh out.

Guys. I’m out. I have run out of good ideas. Anything original, anything new, anything interesting packed up all of it’s bags around week 8 and left. Here I sit, at my routine table at Foxy Loxy, staring at a blank page. I have a writing final due next week and I got nothin.

You may remember this happening once before. Same table. Same class. Same blank page. In that case, I was able to beat the system and I decided to write a paper about Foxy Loxy. I just started typing about what I saw around me and the conversations that I heard and before I knew it, I had a full fledged seven page paper. Clever, yeah? And it turned out pretty well, but that tactic, now used and old, cannot be redone and I am, again, left with a blank page.

Maybe I should write about this mocha that I am drinking that is literally revolutionizing everything I thought I knew about hot beverages. Or maybe I should write about the man sitting at the table next to me. He is similar to the color of my mocha and I think he is very good looking. Maybe I should write about the fact that even typing that sentence just made me blush. There’s something to that.

Also, let me just take the moment to point out that I have written this whole blog post with ease in about 6 minutes without even one pause in the rhythm of my fingers to the keys, other than to take a few gulps of this mocha. Why?

I think this blog is becoming a place for me to come when I am avoiding homework. Please see the last three weeks of blog posts as evidence.

I don’t hate it.

UPDATE: 5 minutes later, I have finished my mocha. And now, there is nothing good in this world.

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