Sad day

My poor laptop was forced to go into emergency surgery today after months and months of a slowly progressing disease. Somewhere along the line, the screen and the keyboard started having differences and decided to amicably separate. Irreconcilable differences. Which they were ok with, but I, was not so comfortable with the idea. So they are in counseling… I mean… Surgery. Wait. I’m mixing metaphors. Either way, my computer is broken. The thing literally broke in half. Which means the possibility of less blogging for a couple of days while it gets fixed. Don’t cry.

This is just unfortunate for you because I was about the share a major surprise. Maybe one of the roomies will take pity on me and let their feeble computer-less roommate leach off their computers for a bit. Or– worst case scenario– I have to go to the library for a bit. But something that terrible would never happen.

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