Chop chop chop chop chopping.

I have class today. Which kind of stinks. But as they say, when SCAD cancels class on a Monday, they open a class on a Friday… and a Saturday. Ok– that was my lame attempt to re-create the old “when one door closes, another one opens” phrase. Didn’t work so well. Moving on.

MY POINT is that thanks to Dr. King (and the parade that blocks up most of downtown), our classes on Monday were cancelled. Most classes were rescheduled for Friday when, we usually don’t have class (one of mine was), but my other class had to be rescheduled for today. Saturday. Who wants to go to class on Saturday? Not me. I mean, that basically means that I only have a one day weekend. No. Not basically. It does mean that I only have a one day weekend. Not ok.

And let’s be honest, here. The Julia that we all know and love would most definitely skip those classes, because rescheduled classes aren’t really “real classes” anyway, but those pesky little teachers managed to make really important things due on both days. Which means that I had/have to go to both of them. Grrr.

(By the way, I finally finished my paper and turned it in yesterday. Not my favorite work, but not the worst, either. Debating whether or not to put it up on the blog… but I digress.)

I was kind of grumpy about this whole 24/7 school situation until I decided that after class, I would make a delicious homemade meal to celebrate the end of this school marathon. Jujie tired. Tonight, I will be throwing together some new recipes (TBD) from some of my favorite cookbooks (the two that I have in my possession) to enjoy while watching a movie or doing something totally lazy relaxing.

I just found this video this morning, and although I believe that it is meant more for the viewing of children, I thoroughly enjoyed it as an artist and food lover. Vegetables are beautiful and healthy and interesting and good for you. And this video makes me want to eat them. Which is impressive.

And just as a mother who is tired of entertaining her children sits them in front of the television for a few hours to take a nap, so you, my blog children, have to watch videos all week on my blog while I regain composure in the face of school madness.


Hopefully soon, I will have the energy and drive to post something interesting. 

One thought on “Chop chop chop chop chopping.

  1. I say after all of us sharing in the pain of paper writing that we get to share in the paper reading. Post it, please. Maybe the next paper you should write should be about the trial and tribulations of writing a paper. Could be an interesting twist.
    ~Aunt Sue

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