I finally started writing my paper.

Yesterday in Intro to Fashion Design, I finally started writing my paper. We were supposed to be looking up images for an upcoming project, but I felt the urge to start typing and when I did, the text came pretty naturally. Finally!!!

I’ve come up with a paper that I am molding into something that I like, but now I have the confusing task of ending it. And I’m completely stumped. I mean, I know what happens in real life. Because I was there and stuff, but I can’t find a way to wrap it up that feels natural to me. I just took a nap that was supposed to hit the reset button, but it didn’t work as well as I’d hoped. Grr.

OK, time to stop dilly dallying and get back to work.

One thought on “I finally started writing my paper.

  1. How does this picture relate to your words? Did you take a nap in a very cool chaise with a beautiful, teally blue dress on? Are you pensive as the woman in the picture seems to be? Is there a feeling it conveys that you are feeling?

    I'm a bit frustrated in writing these questions, because, alas, I never receive an answer… so, I'll have to take my guess at the answer…. hmmm


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