Talent City

Oh. Did I mention that Olivia Latinovich is an insanely talented photographer who’s talent needs to be nurtured and celebrated? Because she is. And it does.

Oli is in a photo class this quarter that she is absolutely thriving in. One of her latest assignments was to take portraits of people in their natural habitat/ personal space. We were all lucky enough to be her subjects and I am so crazy about the results. She ended up setting all of us up in our individual rooms, which I absolutely loved because I have sort of this growing obsession with this idea that your room is probably one of the most representative things about your personality– especially at this stage in our lives when we don’t own a whole lot and what we do own is carefully held in our own space. Anywho, please head on over to her flickr account and check out all of the images. You will be so glad you did. Some of them are very artsy and serious, and some are completely ridiculous, but all of them are beautiful.

Fun Fact: Oli wanted to take some pictures of me sitting in my rocking chair reading a book, so I just grabbed one of my shelf and when I opened to it, I was so surprised to find that there were about 10 kid pictures of me tucked in the pages for some reason. I was so so happy and when I held one up to show her, she snapped a shot. Needless to say, my reaction is 100% genuine.


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