Begin Again

I am so excited to tell you guys that my first week of classes went splendidly. Things got rolling with my writing class in which, although a little bigger than I was picturing it to be (still only 30 people), I already absolutely love Professor Lough. I can already tell that it is going to be the perfect balance of serious learning and productivity as a writer with a healthy dose laughter and comfortablility (did I just make that word up? I don’t know. See– I’m already becoming such an innovative writer!). The class is filled with writing majors and when I said that I was a fashion major, I got a couple of looks like “how’d this ditz get in here?” “I think she may be lost,” but I am excited to dash all of their preconceived notions about us dum fashion mayjers. CMPA (computers) also went quite well. It seems that my workload will be light but helpful as by the end of the quarter I should have my very own website! Bushka facelift perhaps? Professor Hoshor is also quite entertaining and lively with stories of menopause and her past as a pantomime which makes getting to class by 8am a little easier. Finally- Intro to Fashion Design. Where do I begin? I mean, it literally could not have gone better. Walking in I was so calm and completely comfortable with the idea of absolutely hating the class and immediately dropping my fashion major– especially after writing had gone so well earlier in the day. After going into three wrong classrooms I sat down and looked around to a classroom full of people that felt like my equals all semi-friendly and smiling (rare for art students). Our Professor is named Sidaway and is from London. After he explained the syllabus, I felt motivated and excited to face the challenges of every project. Everything sounded fun and although some things sounded harder than others, I feel like I am up to the challenge. I left feeling great. I could talk about this for five more paragraphs and bore you all to death, but I have a mountain of homework staring at me beside my computer in a pile of defiance. 
It’s going to be a busy quarter. 

One thought on “Begin Again

  1. You ARE a fashion major and you SHOULD be there! Yeah!! God created you with a fascination with, enjoyment of and talent in the areas of design and fashion and colors and style, and I can't wait to see where He is going to lead you in this! Sooooo happy for you, Juji, that your first week was so wonderful and encouraging and challenging and fun…. wish I could take classes from such engaging teachers!

    Love you, love you, luv you

    Dang — now what do I write you in my 1st letter? :o)


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