For a Morning Laugh

This is a real life picture of me the summer before 7th grade.

I found this sucker on my mom’s computer the other day and I could not believe my eyes. Oh, sweet baby fat, you are a cruel mistress. Ever since, it has been sitting on my desktop making me laugh/cringe every time I see it. I have been debating making this my Facebook profile picture, but I feel like I look just enough the same that some may assume that it was taken recently. And I just can’t take that chance. But, risking public humiliation and intense ridicule, this bad boy needed to be shared in some way. Behind the sun bleached hair, confusing blotchy skin patterns, holiday colored braces, and prematurely fast growing bosom, is a future fashion student screaming for air and a pair of red suede platforms recently stolen from a street walker.

Oh, I am so glad that I am getting old enough that my awkward jr. high pictures are finally becoming more funny than embarrassing.

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