Good morning, Christmas! 
It’s here! I just woke up and I can already smell my mom’s signature egg dish baking in the oven.
I will be documenting every moment of today and posting it later, but wait! A Christmas miracle! Alyssa Burlingham is awake! And before 10:00! I can’t believe my eyes! 
Maybe it’s because I was jumping on the bed and singing Christmas songs to wake her up, buttt…. either way. This needs to be documented. 

Ahh, yes, those sparkly eyes are filled with the wonder of the holiday and the question on everyone’s mind, “What did Santa get me for Christmas?” (Alyssa still believes– everyone plays along. It’s sad, in a way, that a 20 year old girl still thinks Santa exists, but what can I say? Alyssa leads a simple life.)

Anywho– I’m going to go open my stocking. It’s my favorite part of Christmas. Who am I kidding- I love everything about Christmas!!!

Ay yi yi! I am so happy! I love Christmas!!!!

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