Merry, Merry!

This week has been quite the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping, Holiday get togethers, sparkly decorations and sugary foods (lots and lots of food). I woke up this morning to the smell of bacon and pancakes and a smile on my face because the time is here; All of the preparation and planning for family guests is coming to a head and the Burlingham (mom’s side) relatives are trickling in one by one. I am excited. But also overwhelmed. So much personality in one room. So many jokes and stories all being told at once to everyone at the same time. Something that can only be fully understood if witnessed with your own eyes. But to try and understand, put the thirst for adventure and sheer exuberance of Linda Patton, the volume and Christmas wonder of Kaitlin Patton, the dashing good looks of Julia Patton all into one person (with some spiked egg nog) and multiply by 14 different people, all of different ages with completely different interests and goals and there you have a glimpse of the holidays with the Burlingham family. (btw- take the COMPLETE opposite and you’ll have an idea of Patton holidays). But, like I said: I am excited. I honestly wouldn’t want this week to go any other way (except for if the missing cousins could be here. Amelia- are you sure you can’t just hop on a quick plane ride from Germany to So Cal?)
Anywho- I will be taking tons of pictures and surely videos as well to compile into a delightful video to catch a glimpse the holiday spirit, but until then, Bushka will continue to be a lonely place for a few more days. 
Merry Christmas to you all!!! 
PS- If you are still looking for the perfect holiday music station, I strongly suggest R&B/Pop Holiday Pandora. Found it this morning. What a gem. Better late than never. 

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  1. I miss you guys!!! I'm sad that we won't be hanging out. 🙁 BUT, we have a Skype date at noon your time, right?!?!?!?! (My dad and I planned it.) See your lovely faces later!! Merry Christmas!!

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