Sorry about being a little blog light lately. A few reasons for this- one being that I have been uncommonly busy this last week with extreme productivity! Finally, right? And the second being that, although busy, there has been some considerable writers block of some sort. Ironically, this writer’s block came the same day I finally took the plunge and added a writing class to my schedule next quarter and it has hung around ever since. Hmm. Quite suspect, if you ask me. 
My annual floundering of minds is back and I’m starting to question my major. (It’s about that time again, right?) I’ve been finding myself overwhelmed with questions of the future and how what I want versus what I am good at fits together. 
Haven’t we been here before? I am sort of getting sick of this. No. I am sick of this. 
Ugh. But you know what I need? I need to be more trusting in God’s plan instead of trying to forge my own. And I need to pray for patience. Why am I trying to do this alone? Come on, Julia. Pull it together. 

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