Oh, Tenenbaum.

The Patton Christmas tree is officially complete and it stands tall and bright with the splendor of a thousand suns.

Being in a new house every Christmas typically poses some fun challenges like where in the world to put all of our boxes and boxes of christmas decorations. With this house being significantly smaller than usual, lil’ Lindy and I considered downsizing the decor and sticking with the Christmas theme of less is more. But, after deciding that downsizing decor also proportionally downsizes Christmas Cheer, we ended up putting out all we had to give and never looking back.

A major example of the opulence is seen in our beautiful, hand picked delivered tree that we adorned with colorful lights and hundreds of ornaments that my mother has collected over the last 30 years.
My favorites are always the adorable wooden Bavarian men she got when she lived in Germany in college. They are presh. 

After we put up the final ornament, we took a step back and stood in awe of our creation. But we both agreed that there was something missing. The tree, although beautiful needed one more touch of Christmas Joy.

Eventually it was decided that I crochet some cheerful yarn garland (or, as I like to call it: yarland).

So, me and Ryan Gosling spent last night snuggled up by the fire, watching Cowboys and Aliens and putting the finishing touches on our tree. I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend. 

After I crocheted up all the red and green yarn Michael’s had to offer, we hung it on the tree (so glad R.G. was there to reach the tall parts) and voila! It was perfect. What a Christmas Miracle! And look– it compliments the adorable picture of Toddler Julia so nicely!

5 thoughts on “Oh, Tenenbaum.

  1. awwww christmas!!! can't wait to spend the most wonderful time of year with you!!! I think you should knit me some yarland for my room if you have time(: just sayin…


  2. the yarland is pretty cool. Maybe you have found your calling in life. You can make millions on the deal. I will be your accountant.
    ~Aunt Sue

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