Mobile Uploads: Finals Week Edition

Ok, I am about to pull of the fastest blog post ever. I am sitting on Frances Russell’s comfy bed here in Dallas and my computer battery has 9 minutes left. But I really wanted to blog. And share with you some delightful pics from our last week of class, but I’ve got to work quick.

I am going to chronologically take you through the last week of classes according to the pictures on my phone. This will soon be followed by a Mobile Uploads: Road Trip Edition and then a Mobile Uploads: Dallas Edition. Ok, go.

Finals week is really all about the weekend before finals week. That is the time that usually sees the most work. You have all day to focus, all of the building are open and well equipped for lots of workers and you aren’t totally drained of all energy and motivation to focus yet.

So, we hit Foxy Loxy. Focus focus focus. But not really. I just couldn’t seem to get my jive on that day and ended up people watching, internet surfing and bugging everyone else with a random fountain of energy. But Claire and Frances were working hard.

By Sunday, all bets were already off. The evening was a total hyper fest in our house and none of us were accomplishing anything. I looked out my window in my door and saw Frances sitting patiently on the floor. Apparently, she had been waiting there for over 5 minutes waiting for me to notice, all for the laugh of it. 

Here Claire works hard on her repeat pattern project. 

 Monday night biscuit run. 100% necessary for morale.

 In the midst of working on my Fashion Tech Final.

Spencer had an awesome finals project that reacquired much effort. And by much effort, I mean, she did not leave the house for 3 days. Not an exaggeration. She did not leave the house. For three days. This was when she just could not handle life anymore. 

Finals are finally over and I rewarded myself with buying Al Green’s Greatest Hits on vinyl ON SALE. Sold. Best purchase of the quarter. It’s the best. 
After it was all said and done, we made a trip out to Tybee to help Spencer with her amazing mood boards for her application for a Free People Internship. Which she will get. The night was cold and sunny. And we took lots of pictures. It was lovely. 

When then came back and celebrated with a dance party.

Imma miss these ladies.


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