Look What I Can Do

I really hate putting my own work on Facebook or the blog or any of that sort of situation, but I feel that at the end of the quarter, when I am able to look back and really be proud of some of my work, it’s worth sharing. 
Last year, I posted my crochet chandelier and this year, I will show you all my Fashion Tech projects. 
Fashion Tech is basically the very first sewing class and one of the major prerequisites for all of the fashion curriculum. 
First we made a skirt…
Then we made a shirt…
And this week, our final project of the blazer was due. 
I am excited that I feel good about my work in this class and all of the rest of them this quarter and I am so excited to take more classes in January. 
Until then, school is out, baby! Tomorrow, we all sadly go our separate ways for six weeks and Frances and I make our way to Tuscaloosa, AL. Then we’re going to  spending the night there with one of Frances’ good friends, Lauren and then on Saturday, the three of us will get to Dallas sometime in the afternoon. Then, on Monday, I fly back to Californiaaaa!!!! Could not be more excited. 
But, tonight is for celebrating! Finals are over!!!

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