Week 10.

Well, that was fun, wasn’t it? I blinked and Fall quarter 2011 is already over. How in the world did this happen? Yes, I am in the midst of finals and I still have this week of classes to attend, but we’re here; We’re at the part of the quarter when I stop going to the grocery store to finish all of the pre-existing food in my fridge, the part where I start to mull over each pair of shoes wondering if they deserve a coveted spot in my limited spaced suitcases and get to make the journey back to the west coast with me, the part where I have conflicted emotions about being excited to see my family and spend time with the people I miss, but also sad about leaving my Savannah family for a whopping 6 weeks.

Yep. This time next week, California will be getting me back whether they like it or not and it’s going to take 6 weeks to get rid of me again. Tough.

So, as I sit in Shakespeare one last time wasting the 2 and a half hours of blah blah blah ahead of me, I give you…

In chronological order… 

1. Moving into our beautiful home. I have been excited to live in my own place literally, since I can remember. It always symbolized being an adult and being able to take care of myself. I can’t say that I totally feel like an adult or that I am 100% capable of taking care of myself, but living on my own has been the most amazing challenge resulting in priceless growth in just 10 short weeks. And yeah, I feel like I have done pretty darn well rising to the challenge, if I do say so myself.

2. My birthday! I turned 20. My roommates rocked. We at Sushi. I wore a red dress. One of the best birthdays ever. Nuf said. 

3. The week of October 3rd to October 9th. This week… I don’t even know where to begin. So so much happened in just 6 days that, looking back already makes me laugh. It is so impossible to choose one of the events of this week as something that trumps another event because IT WAS ALL SO HORRIBLE! Let me refresh your memories: Exploding Toilets, Exploding Power box, Film Festival Fail, Lack of sleep, Brunch… I am going to stop myself now.  

4. Extreme Midget Wrestling. Although ultimately there were no midgets and no wrestling on this night, it remains as one of the most memorable and fun nights of the quarter. More laughing than any other night and a gelato run salvaged what could have turned into a giant bust. Charleston, we’ll be back and we expect midgets this time. 
5. Charlotte. Going to Charlotte never fails to completely refresh me. Even with a disgusting stomach flu that threatened to put a damper on our perfect weekend, visiting the Barnhardts was a perfect post-finals pick-me-up. 

This was the only real group picture of the weekend. It still counts.  

6. Corn Maze. The corn maze was the perfect Autumn day that I have always wanted. This along with the great company of my roommates and our friends Jeff, Tyler and Sam made me so incredibly full of Fall joy. 
And there you have it. Another extremely successful, fun, challenging, growing, blessed quarter here in Savannah. 
I’ve just got to power through 3 more days of classes! Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Week 10.

  1. So, so thankful… that's it… so thankful.

    Love you, love your roomates, love your home, love your growth, love the poop, love it that you are loving it….

    Sooo very, very thankful… and I can't wait to see your face!

  2. Fall semester is always the best! Even though you have had an amazing time in Savannah so far this year, California needs you…I need you! So please hurry home and then pray for next Tuesday to come really really fast so that once again the Patton cousins will be within 15 minutes of each other…just the way it should be.

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