Lumberjack Chic


OL: What are you most looking forward to in the near future?
JP: Eating Seafood. In Newport Beach. With my family.
OL: Finish this sentence. Nobody appreciates me, but someday, I’ll even the score by…
JP: Designing all of their wedding dresses.
OL: Name one piece of clothing you can’t live without?
JP: My lucky underwear.
OL: Oh. She went there.
OL: Which are you: Crazy, Sexy, Cool?
JP: Obviously Sexy.  
OL: What word always makes you laugh?
JP: Ceviche. Because when I hear it, I can hear my mom pronouncing it wrong. And then I can hear Kaitlin and I making fun of her for it.
OL: What is your favorite Pandora station?
JP: When I’m trying to be cool and impress people, it’s like usually something like The Decemberists or something like that, but when I’m by myself, it’s definitely Keith Urban.
OL: Who do you identify with most? Kate, Pippa or Camilla?
JP: I’m gonna go off book here and say Fergie.
OL: What is on the top of your Christmas wish list?
JP: Ummm… Justin Bieber. No. I want Justin Bieber wrapped in bacon.
CB: Ew. raw bacon?
JP: No, no, no. Justin Bieber, singing holiday songs to me as he cooks me bacon.
…And a light box.
10 things that make you terribly happy:
  1. Crunchy Leaves
  2. Being good at something
  3. Reorganizing Furniture
  4. The moment when you are walking people out of your house and closing the door and thinking, “That was really fun.”
  5. Writing. And writing this blog. And this blog. (Separate but equal)
  6. Good Design… like something that is so good, that it makes me mad. 
  7. The 29th day in February
  8. Scones and Mighty Leaf Vanilla Tea
  9. An unexpected voicemail. Or letter, or text, or e-mail. I just like when people want to talk to me.
  10. Lake Almanor

4 thoughts on “Lumberjack Chic

  1. Hi um first of all you are gorgeous which reminded me that you told me once you would be my personal shopper so…can we please go shopping together over your winter break and mine? I need your styling expertise and Tenin just gets pissed at me every time I ask for help. haha

    Thanks! Love you and can't wait to see you!



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