Blue Belle


JP: What are you most looking forward to in the near future?
CB: Taking Intro to Fibers next quarter and learning all that fun kind of crafty stuff with my hands.
JP: Finish this sentence: Nobody appreciates me, but someday, I’ll even the score by…
CB: Being a baller at life.
JP: Name one piece of clothing you can’t live without?
CB: Right now I’m going to have to say my boots because I have an ingrown toenail.
JP: Which do you identify with most? Crazy, Sexy, or Cool?
CB: That’s not a fair question.
JP: Yeah it is. It’s the name of a TLC album. They were music legends.
CB: Well, let’s check this off. Not sexy. Not crazy anymore. Not cool—I don’t do anything. But, I guess I’m cool to ya’ll. I’ll go with cool. Cool within this house.
JP: What word always makes you laugh?
CB:The first word that popped into my mind is pickle. It makes me giggle.
JP: What is your favorite Pandora station?
CB: 90’s pop radio.
JP: Who do you identify with most? Kate, Pippa or Camilla?
CB: I’m gonna go with Pippa. She seems very friendly. Kate seems like a cool cat, but…
JP: What is on the top of your Christmas wish list?
CB: That’s a tough question. I haven’t really given it too much thought. (Shrugs Shoulders)
10 Things that make you terribly happy:
  1. My dogs (actually, just zoe) because she loves me so much no matter what
  2. Eating Oysters on Christmas Eve
  3.  Living in one big house with all of my friends
  4.  A good chai latte
  5.  Fur on clothing
  6. My grey round scarf
  7. Delicious homemade food
  8. Live music
  9. The feeling of the wind of your face while skiing down a mountain in spring in Utah.
  10. The couch in the kitchen

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