Coat Season

I am obsessed with coats. I did not know this about myself until last year when I first lived in a place that actually required me having one. In California, everyone has two coats: One that is waterproof and hideous (for wet situations like going to the mountains) and one that is a little nicer, usually a neutral color and terribly boxy (for formal situations like weddings). And if you are ever shopping and find an adorable coat, you usually end up walking out of the store without it because it just isn’t worth spending the money for something you’d wear once a year– if you were lucky.

Well, Savannah has got me going a little coat crazy. It started last year when I bought the most colorful and comfortable plaid coat on sale from Free People (left). It felt so wrong to be buying something so warm and useless at the time, but all of my friends assured me that it would be worth it once winter rolled around. They were right. I wore it all. the. time. And I learned that you can be warm and still look cute! Who woulda thought?

This year, the coat contagion struck again while I was in Charlotte and I was forced convinced myself that I absolutely 100% needed to buy this bright pink adorableness. I have only worn it once so far, but every time I see it hanging up in my room, it makes me so ridiculously happy– embarrassingly happy, in fact. When the temperature finally drops this year and Winter decides to show its face (if that ever happens), you can find me running around Savannah warm and happy. I’ll be the one wearing the hot pink coat.

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