Heavy Rotation

Today is the Savannah City Half Marathon (and if you think the next line is going to reveal that I ran/ am running in it, you, sir, are sorely mistaken). All of the streets of the already congested and poorly planned city are clogged up the wazoo with over 25,000 runners. No matter. I was planning on working all day, anyway! I am about to set off to Eckburg (let’s establish right now that Eckburg is the fashion building– you will be hearing that name more and more so get familiar) to work on my final project for fashion tech, a blazer with lots and lots of pattern pieces that all look the same and can be very confusing. Can’t wait.

I made this playlist to keep me company as I sew the day away. These are on the top of my list right now when it comes to background music. It’s an odd mix, yes, but expertly crafted for what I like to call “Happy Longevity.” Happy Longevity is the projected amount of time that I stay happy while working on a tedious project. Factors like the amount of music, food, and laughter I am exposed to while working all play a part in Happy Longevity and this playlist, along with some other songs that are way too embarrassing to include (gotta keep my rep in check) will increase my HL by tenfold.

Well, the jukis are calling and I must go, but until next time, may your hopes and dreams all come trueeee!!!!

5 thoughts on “Heavy Rotation

  1. My happy longevity is always increased by a little cereal, preferably Oatmeal Squares, and Norah Jones. I too am embarking on a new project this weekend so bring on the perfectly maple sweetened, bite-sized oatmeal squares and NJ's greatest hits!!! Good luck with the project Juj!


  2. Can I order a step mother of the bride outfit for Jill and Jeremy's wedding Oct 6 2012? Do you want to do the bridesmaids dresses??? I can help sew if you design.
    ~Aunt Sue


  3. Like your songs, a little retro, a little electric, classics…. daddy noticed they all have a strong beat… so he liked em!

    I thought maybe you'd add munching on anything from Back in the Day to your list… :o)

    Can't wait to see your finished product!!


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