Fatal Interactions

The following is an excerpt of a conversation I just had with my professor. 

Setting: Me, sitting in the front row of the class in the seat closest to his desk (don’t get too excited– I’m not typically such an eager beaver. My regular mid-room wall seat was already taken) waiting for class to start and not really paying attention.

Professor: …like Glenn Close. (I only caught the tail end of what he said after I realized he had been talking to me)

Julia: I’m sorry?

Professor: You look like Glenn Close. In the film Fatal Attraction.

Julia: Oh. (I uncomfortably smile as I try to recall all of my knowledge of that movie: Dead Bunnies, Sex Scenes, and “I WILL NOT BE IGNORED, DAN.”)

Professor: Your hair. You must’ve done that on purpose.

Julia: Oh, yeah? I’ve never seen that movie. (I lied– I wanted him to elaborate)

Professor: She’s got it teased to high heaven and it’s blonde and frizzy just like yours.

Julia: Oh. I guess it is a little crazy today.

(Should I be offended by this? OK, yeah– it is a little bigger today than usual, but come on! Frizzy? You can’t blame a gal for running late this morning and having to let it air dry.)

Professor: Yep. Glennnnn… Close. Wonder where she is now?

And he looks back down at his desk and works until he starts class a few minutes later.

So, now I’m curious. I did a little google magic and…

She looks so mentally unstable… and I sort of love it! What do you guys think? Doppleganger material, eh?

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