Two Things That Let Me Know That It’s Getting Colder:

1. This little crack in my window. And by little, I mean big. Like, at least an inch. OK– big enough for me to feel the breeze on my fingertips when I work at my desk. And it’s covered in lead based paint, so I’m afraid to touch it.

2. The e-mail I just got from Professor Thorp. It reads:

Dear Students,  

In Boundary Hall, the transitional times with weather can be challenging. It may be cold in the building tomorrow, so I’d dress warmly.  

Prof. Thorp

Thanks for the heads up, Professor. Not only does this give me full clearance to come in sweats and uggs, but it also makes me like you even more. Two birds. One stone. Well done.

By the way– Happy Halloween, Everyone!

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