Hello, you. It’s me, Julia. Back in action.

Let me fill in some blanks.

If you read yesterday’s post, you know that Francerous the Cancerous took over for a bit and showered me with the most amazing written accolades that I was more than happy to post for everyone to read. Hopefully you liked the video about me. I sure did. If you hated it, you’ll be glad to know that it is the last of the bunch for a while. In the meantime, to fill the void of fascinating information about my roommates, I am cooking up a little… expose, if you will, on personal style. More to come on that this next week. I’m excited about it. You should be too. Or else.

But, just in case you need a video fix in the immediate future or you might just cry, I have provided you peaches with a little “deleted scene” fun at the end of this here post.

Registration went smashingly. Got all my classes. But not without a definite stress stomach ache all day leading up to my time ticket.

Let’s talk about hair. You guys are absolutely no help. Take a little scroll down the page and take a look at the hair poll. Could it be any more split!? Technically, me being a brunette is in the lead, but we must take into account that I voted (twice) on that one, so if we remove my votes, we are stuck with blonde and short hair in a tie. Oy vey. Come on now. If you haven’t already, just vote! It’s anonymous, so you have no excuse.

In other news, I am not going to confirm or deny the fact that the fire department may or may not have made a short visit to our house this week after a small carbon monoxide scare. In the off (or not so off) chance that they did stop by, let’s just say that explaining to them that “We have all have kind of just been feeling sort of sick lately… and like.. getting headaches and stuff” isn’t so much of a valid argument for Carbon monoxide poisoning. But, I mean, I’d rather be safe than sorry, right? It is the silent killer, people. Silent. Killer.

Let’s talk about Halloween. At this stage in my life, I kind of hate it. I haven’t dressed up in… hmm… 4 years? And I was THRILLED to hear that it is on a Monday this year, giving me some sort of legitimate excuse as to why I wouldn’t be keeping the party going until the break of dawn, but, alas those crafty college kids just managed to plan a whole weekend of Pre-Halloween-Halloween-Parties. Drat. But, okay, just so I don’t sound like a complete bore, I will say that I am going to a party tonight. Granted, it’s hosted by the Christian Student Fellowship, so things won’t get too crazy and I am still maintaining my lame street cred when it comes to being a reckless college party animal. Let’s not get carried away.

No, I have not decided on a costume yet.

It’s finally showing signs of some fall weather around here. Savannah is a lot like SoCal in that one day it’s blistery and rainy and then next I’ll be sweaty and sticky in 80 degree heat. Fickle fickle.

Today I am going to a corn maze with some friends which will be amazing. See– I’m festive! I’m just not going to dress up like a slutty (fill in the blank) to prove that I love Autumn. I just won’t.

And now, for your viewing pleasure…

2 thoughts on “Update

  1. I think it goes without saying (since I basically text you every time I hear that song) that your lip sinc to that song is one of my all-time favorite Julia moments. Love that song, but especially love it when you are singing to it. You rock!


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