Just got back from old Charlotte town after spending the most lovely weekend relaxing and recharging batteries for the last four weeks of this quarter (can you believe that’s all we have left already?)
The last time we were there, I failed miserably in regards to taking pictures. This weekend, however, I had my phone camera on at all times constantly snapping (…or tapping I guess?) whatever we were doing. 
Here we are at Dean and Deluca. Boutique groceries and designer coffee might not be that thrilling to you, but over here in the land of Felicity fans, Dean and Deluca is so, so, SO much more. Believe me when I say that walking through these doors and seeing the coffee bar and the black t-shirts felt like a pilgrimage of sorts and the most perfect way to end our obsession with Felicity. 

Friday night, we snuggled on the couch and watched a movie– or at least tried. About 5 minutes in, 2 of the 5 of us had already fallen asleep and I think it’s safe to say that only 1 of us actually watched the entire thing with our eyes open.

Saturday was filled with shopping and eating. Heaven.

I learned heaps about North Carolinian BBQ and got to experience some of Charlotte’s greatest hidden gems when it comes to antiquing.

I love you, Mrs. Vintage Wedding Dress. Be mine?

Finally, a few snaps this morning in the Barnhardt’s backyard (and one of the pups, Zoey) to soak up every last bit of fall that I could.

Pictures just do not translate.

Now we are home. And I am eating my dinner. And thinking about how not excited I am that tomorrow is Monday. Yet again. 
But then I pause and look around and realize that I am eating dinner in a house with heat and a floor and that pesky thing I’m dreading on a Monday is a college education. And I realize that I have no business complaining. 
How was your weekend? 

3 thoughts on “Charlotte

  1. Sounds like a blast! You really need to give me a southern tour sometime! My weekend was very nice thanks for asking(: Saturday was a beautiful rainy fall day and then that night I got to wear my prom dress again (YAY!) and volunteer at a hospital charity event called the Pumpkin Ball. Then Sunday was spent working on a paper that didn't take as long as I thought so I got to catch up on my TV for the week. And delicious meals (pumpkin french toast and chili) were thrown in there too. Not too shabby(: Can't wait to see you in 4 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. You have convinced me even more now to come and visit you. I really need to find the time because the south looks so pretty! My weekend was not full of much, but I did go on a really cool hike on Saturday and got to watch one of my friends play in a vball tournament. All the rest of the time, I was unfortunately doing the dreaded HW. :/ Hope you have a great week and good luck with registration.


  3. You look adorable and cute as do your sweet roomies… my bet is that Claire and Spennie fell asleep first, with Frances, then Olivia not far behind… you should have said you included Zoey's ath (think of this summer)…what is NC BBQ like?… love your conclusion… love you

    Taryn and Tracy are the bomb


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