This is what Tuesday sounds like:

Last night was happily spent at my new favorite coffee shop, Foxy Loxy. Are you sick of me gushing about this place yet? It’s $2 lattes and ample work space have quickly made it one of my most frequented Savannah hang outs. Other pros include the fact that it is across the street from the Savannah Public Library, caddy corner from Arnold Hall, down the lane from one of my favorite lunch spots (Butterhead Greens) and within walking distance of my house.

Besides their delicious (and no frills) coffee drinks, they also have a refreshingly unique take on cafe food. They offer everything from Tex Mex (churros and queso) to an artisan cheese and fruit platter (I tried it for the first time tonight).

Frances, Claire and I were extremely productive and as I snacked on my goat cheese and apple slices, I couldn’t help but be distracted at the extreme goodness of the evening. I cannot imagine being at a more well suited college for my taste. Literally surrounded with great friends and “burdened” with homework of reading and thinking about subject matter that I absolutely love– I am so blessed.

I’m such a goon. 
Just as we were wrapping up, a black hatted man with a guitar grabbed a chair and set up shop in from of the fireplace. Immediately, I thought of Alta in Newport and the musicians that would play on any given night. With his wiry goatee and semi-scrawny stature, I expected a singer/songwriter, Ray Lamontagne-esque voice to come out of his mouth… something soothing and thoughtful in such a quiet atmosphere. 
As he started to sing, I started to laugh. I had forgotten a key component to the Alta atmosphere– Rule number 1: The voice you are about to hear will not be the voice you expect. 

Please enjoy this video of (through further investigation) Ray from local band Bottles and Cans singing his soulful heart out.

One thought on “This is what Tuesday sounds like:

  1. HAHAHA that guy is awesome!!! One night when we were at Alta there was this keltic band composed of 3 middle aged hippies rocking it on their hand crafted instruments. Pretty great.


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