What a Week.

Honestly. How in the world has it already been a week since last Sunday? I’m sitting in our kitchen on the couch that we just moved into the corner of the room (best decision we’ve ever made) eating spaghetti and looking back on the week I’ve had and it is just ridiculous.

Let me give you a little recap:

(Heads up– I’m not in the mood for sentence structure)

Sunday: Get a tour of the most amazing house for rent. In our price range. In a great location. Plenty of room. All we need to do is gather references and meet with the renters on Friday afternoon to convince them that we are competent and responsible. (AKA: we won’t wreck the house in a drug fueled art school kid haze like the last renters). Yay! This is so great.

Monday: Woke up at 6:30 to go stand in the line at the SCAD theater for tickets to the Savannah film festival. The tickets sell out fast, so it’s important to get in line early so when they go on sale at 10:00, we get first dibs. Things get awkward when we find out that the tickets are also available online at 10:00. And they sell out before we even get to the front of the line. The film majors in front of us in line are extremely disgruntled. One of them pulls out a video camera and confronts the volunteer in a heated rage. She is polite. He is not. He threatens to expose all of them for slanderers with this footage.

Tuesday: A blur. All of us working our butts off to get tons of recommendations for the house. Got an awesome care package from mom. She rocks. Ate too much candy. She still rocks, but I am irrationally mad at her for making me eat all of that candy.

Wednesday: Started my own mini fashion club with Baille Younkman to motivate, inspire and hone our fashion souls in each other and ourselves. Good conversation ensues. I love Baille. Also, on Wednesday, we begin to smell suspiciousness in the downstairs bathroom, but think nothing of it. What fools, we are.

Thursday: The toilet explodes. We are all familiar with that story at this point, no? Shit everywhere.

But, hey– at least we are moving into our beautiful new home soon! And, my equally beautiful new loafers made it in the mail. My life is complete.

Friday: Wake up in the morning already anxious (good anxious) for the meeting with the renters tonight at 5:00. Can’t wait to impress them with our manners and cute outfits that we have been planning all week. Chic and serious, yet still true to our own individual style. Get home from some errands to find that the renters have cancelled our meeting because they decided that they just didn’t want to rent to SCAD students. But, they didn’t even give us a chance to show them our recommendations! So lame. Kind of grumpy all day. Go see the Ides of March. Politics get me riled up. But Ryan Gosling makes everything better.

Head home and laugh with my roommates for a solid 4 hours. Discuss how mad we all are about the house. Laugh some more. Decide to hit the hay. Everything is quiet. Gunshots fire. Someone has been shot! I call 911. Just kidding. It’s just the transformer outside my window blowing up thanks to the neighbor’s walnut tree branch falling on it and starting a fire. No biggie. But, I actually did call 911.

We take advantage of the power outage and light candles and take pictures.

Saturday: I wake up tired from the lack of rest in the last few days. No time to sleep in because we are having a brunch with the most loveliest of girls. It’s entertainment time. I put on bright colors to distract from the bags under my eyes. Baked goods errywerrr. I contribute home made scones with blue cheese spread and blackberry jam. Divine.

The brunch went swimmingly and now I can finally sleep. Change into dark colors. Climb into bed. Close eyes. Drift, drift, linger, sleep. Door bell rings. IS THIS A JOKE? Matt and Tyler are here to eat all of the brunch leftovers. Eventually the day ends with a walk, coffee, and charades.

Life is so good. But such an emotional roller coaster. What’d I tell you? What a week, am I right? I am so full of spaghetti I can barely breathe. But I couldn’t be happier. I am so thankful for my roommates.

For the record, this week also included a naked bottom. But this cannot be blogged.

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  1. You have had the most eventful last month and this past week just topped it…so happy that you have such a positive attitude though. 🙂 Can't wait to see the new place, I'm sure it will be just as amazingly decorated as the last.

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