Reason #167 Why I Like Savannah

It is a wellspring of learning. 

This morning I am sitting at a new coffee shop getting work done and enjoying the semi-cool weather that greets me outside. This morning is dewy and shining golden in a way that I feel like I had almost forgotten. Still, there is enough heat to make me side with the tank top with the skirt instead of the jeans and the sweater leaving still my long sleeve shirts to wait their turn. 
I have been so blessed in the past few weeks with a calm that I don’t think I have ever experienced before. God has provided something this year that has allowed me to meet each day with joy and a heart of learning. Learning about myself, learning about what to expect of my future, learning amazing things in my classes and learning to love my neighbors. I feel grateful and ready for the challenges ahead of me instead of dreading them with an insecure anxiety of my inadequacies of years past. 
I am just excited to grow. 
This morning, I am guilty of one of my worst habits, eavesdropping. 
While waiting in line waiting for my peach tea and rosemary cornbread, two SCAD professors come in behind me discussing the importance of late medieval pottery and how it is being lost on our generation. Apparently we lack appreciation for “Roman ceramic building materials.” This makes me smile. Moments later, they are joined by a third professor limping in on a cane. She orders a vegan sandwich. This consists of bread, lettuce, tomato and mustard. Depressing. They all say hello. After the caned professor walks away, one of the two that are left whispers,”She is amazing. I listened to a lecture of hers last Spring and I haven’t been so inspired by 16th century Roman Working Class Culture since my early 30’s when I was really heavy into that sort of thing.” The other professor nods in a knowing sort of way that says “Oh, we’ve all been there…” I didn’t know it was possible to be inspired by 16th Century Roman Working Class Culture. Now I’m curious. 
At the the table behind me sits two businessmen having a morning meeting discussing the discipleship of working. I missed the question leading up to this, but they are talking about being able to rest in your work. They are bouncing back and forth about the fruitful ways and the dangerous ways of being fulfilled by what you do and one of the men said,”You know, let’s forget about that– right now what I want to be focusing on is people. Discipleship and ministry through people and fostering relationships in our community through God’s hand in our daily lives. Let’s just forget about the rest and focus on that right now.” Bingo.  
And to my right, the owner of this fairly new coffee shop/ print gallery sits with a journalist writing an article on her budding business. They she seems to be meeting for the first time. He has a ponytail and red glasses and she’s wearing a vintage paisley shirt with a head scarf. They are discussing art and small businesses and the inspiration and frustrations they face everyday as artists and citizens of Savannah. In her early 20’s and a SCAD alum, she is explaining the hoops she’s had to jump through to be here and he’s condemning the practices that government takes with small businesses such as this. But she’s here. Her coffee shop is open and full of people on this Friday morning. I can’t help but assume that at some point she wondered what kind of life she would have. And wondered whether or not she’d be happy or feel fulfilled.
These conversations remind me how long life is. The time from one stage to another involves many conversations and hurdles and decisions. And cool times. And hard times all just as interesting and important as the next. Once again, I am reminded of this peacefulness in my soul that allows me to be excited about what is to come in my future. 
I could sit here all day, but my tea is cold. 

One thought on “Reason #167 Why I Like Savannah

  1. Dear Julia, Thanks for sharing this post. I was tempted to read it because of the title. I am so glad you like Savannah. I know it is silly but I feel vindicated if someone from another beautiful place sees a different beauty in the South. When I first visited Cali, I was struck by the cleanliness, the flowers, the manicured Everything. I already felt embarrassed about Californians seeing the unkempt landscapes of our shopping areas and strip malls. Anyway…
    It is just great to get to be a part of your everyday life, and to see your outlook on things. It's much better than just large group gatherings!
    I am sitting here with my coffee and kitties watching the first snow. The house is quiet and all I have to do this morning is get my hair cut and highlighted! Luxuries! Brad and Rob went to the late movie of 3-D star wars last night. Claire went to a UNC-A basketball game with friends. I got home from work around 6:45, had a shower and got on pjs, ate Chinese with Brad, and we watched D-ton Abbey and Bramwell. I'm greatful! With love, Aunt Susanita.


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