Less than a week until my birthday. But don’t panic. There is still plenty of time to get your shopping done!

Here is a small list to get you started:
These loafers

The press is already getting ahold of the festivities and people are starting to talk.

“This is going to be dee best birthday ever. Get ready. Get set. Hold your panties.”
– Claire Barnhardt

“Flanking Fantabulous.”
-Frances Russell

One thought on “9.24

  1. Hey Julia! I just got caught up on your blog! We had sooo much fun with you and seeing Savannah! Love your new home! We had a great time in Hilton Head playing golf, then Dave got a speeding ticket. Looks like we can't go back to So. Carolina now!?! Thanks for showing us around! Hugs!
    From Beth Anne & Dave!!!

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