This Morning was Lovely

Ever since starting at SCAD last year, I have had an 8am class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And this quarter, it almost seemed completely necessary to continue the trend and fight the early morning yawns and rumbly tummies and take another T/TR 8am. Well this quarter, George Banks is saying, “NO!” (if you understood that reference, you just won 5 points).

Yesterday, I decided to drop my History of Modern Architecture class. Don’t hate. Let me explain.

A full load at SCAD is 3 classes, but you may recall me mentioning wanting to spread my wings with 4 classes. Bad idea. Or maybe not a bad idea as much as just not a good idea. You see, after taking two classes yesterday and evaluating my course load this quarter, I decided that I’d much rather be able to enjoy such an interesting class as History of Modern Architecture when I can really put the time and effort I want into it instead of squeezing it in to get it out of the way. Especially when I don’t need to take 4 classes anyway. Let me also just state that this decision was in no way related to having to get up early. I wake up at 7 no matter what.

What resulted in this decision was the house all to myself for 2 and a half hours this morning while my other 4 roommates were at their respective 8am’s. I saw them off like a proud mama with my tea in one hand and Coriolanus by William Shakespeare in the other.

After polishing off Act I of the play, which I have to finish by Monday, I made my way to the kitchen and prepared a delicious breakfast of toast and jam, spinach, and an egg over easy. Pictured above.

Now I am feverishly crossing things off my to-do list while I await the arrival of dear family, Beth Anne and Dave Barnheizer to show them around Sav for a few hours and pick up some lunch.

Fashion tech and 2:00 and possible Yoga at 6:00 then back to the house for some homeworkyness.

2 thoughts on “This Morning was Lovely

  1. Hey Julia! That would be awesome to get together sometime! my classes have been great and I am SO happy I choose scad! Hope you're having a good first week too!

  2. Ok totally thought that picture was another one of your great finds…how yummy and healthy! Maybe I should stop eating my peanut butter and banana toast I am currently enjoying for something more delectable. Also, so happy you get to see Beth and Dave! That will be so much fun to show them around. One day that will be me…don't you worry(: Love you!

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