A Rebuttle

Kaitlin Patton’s birthday is today. She is the world’s best person. I miss her way more than she misses me. That’s all that needs to be said on the matter.

Ok. Speaking of that sexy little minx, she recently posted this little ditty on her blog.

Not to be outdone, I have a response to the House of Flowers. The ladies of the Fantasy Suite (yes, that is the official name of our pad) have something to share with the class.

So what do you think? Who’s old house* is grosser?

*Our old house, while experiencing some plumbing issues, is also so amazing and will be shared in picture and video form soon. Not to worry; I am not living in a palace of shambles.

3 thoughts on “A Rebuttle

  1. EW EW EW!!! To both our your disgusting-ness! I love the house name…we are still trying to be inspired with our house name but it's just not happening yet.

  2. GROSS!!! If only you knew what I found in our dryer today…nasty is all I can say!

    P.S. It has been used by the other roomies so the disgusting ball of goop had to have come from one of them. :/


  3. Daddy says, “Pour bleach in it”… but that may make it blow up… not sure.


    Make the realtor sit in the bathroom for 10 minutes…. that'll motivate her to get it fixed!


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