Take the Good with the Bad

Ok, so I am getting so settled into my amazing new house in Savannah. Today, mom and I ran lots of errands, went to one of my favorite lunch spots called Back in the Day Bakery and did a little antiquing. Fun. Fun. Fun. Things are going great and our house looks amazing (pics soon…patience…) 
Small bummers: 
I got a parking ticket today (it was only $12– no biggie, but still lame)
I got a bug bite on my thigh. Itches real bad. 
Aaaannddd finally… my car was robbed and my iPod was stolen. 
Don’t freak out. I’m fine. 
This is how it went down. My mom and I were in my room (which is on the first floor in the front of the house) all night putting things together and unpacking boxes. We got a lot done and other than the curtains being too short, everything went swimmingly. Finally at about midnight, we decided to call it a day. When my mom got to my car, she opened the door. Wait. Awkward. I never unlocked the car. Was it ever locked? When I got to my side of the car, I realized my door was ajar. So, immediately I knew something was up. 
I looked around my car and I immediately noticed my iPod was missing. We looked around a little more and realized it was the only thing they took, but it just really stinks. 
I’ve heard about Savannah crime since I’ve been here, but I’d never experienced it personally until now. I’m not as much mad about my iPod as I am just freaked out about the violation of privacy. Someone was no more than 10 feet away from my room and I had no idea they were there. This being the first time I’ve ever lived on my own without any adult supervision and completely separate from other students (other than my roommates, of course), I just wish that this hadn’t’ve happened on one of my first nights. Not the best way to start off. 
I honestly do feel safe in my house and our neighborhood is not in a bad part of town, but it was just a hard lesson to always be alert and aware of my surroundings. And to always lock my doors! WHICH I ALWAYS DO. Except for today, apparently. I’m so mad at myself. Lame. Lame. LAME! 
I just need to focus on the fact that the rest of this week has been/ will be amazing, nothing else was stolen, I absolutely love my room, and this year is going to rock!
I’m still freaked out though. Please pray for my peace of mind. 

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  1. The up side of this unfortunate event is that now you can get a brand new shiny, scratchless ipod!!! Can't wait to see pics of the room…I'm sure it will look fabulous!

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