I’m in Savannah. Finally. I feel like I have been in travel mode for a week. After reuniting with Frances and Mrs. Russell, we spent a year and a half at IKEA buying up the majority of the store. I love IKEA. Especially in it’s rare form of quiet and empty, like today. Major successes. 
After lunch and a quick stop at West Elm (quickly becoming one of my favorite stores), we hit the road with a stuffed car on our way to Savannah. 
I could barely contain my excitement as we got closer and closer to Savannah. 
Wait. I don’t think you got that. 
I could barely contain my excitement as we got closer and closer to Savannah. 
There was squealing. And shaking. And smiling. And my whole body turned red. And then we got to the house. I ran to the door. Then squealed some more. My amazing roommates, Spencer and Olivia (Who, by the way, will be interviewed soon. Get excited) have already been there for a couple days and started setting up shop. It looks amazing. 
After running around the house in circles for about and hour and a half, I calmed down enough to realize how hungry I was. Only option: Five Guys. Thank goodness it’s open until 3:00 in the morning.
After a burger and fries, I now find myself snuggled in bed at our hotel, so excited to be here. Finally. 
Here are some iPhone pics from the last two days. 
Mommy and I on the plane to Denver. 
Wolfgang Puck made us pizza at the Denver airport. 
This morning on our way back to the airport to pick up a rental car to take to the car garage to pick up my car to go back to the airport to drop off the rental car to get in my car to go to IKEA. Follow?
Shopping fools at IKEA. 
What a princess. 

About an hour out of Savannah at a gas station. The sky was so so so gorgeous tonight. One of the pluses of all the tropical storms. 

I hope you all are having an amazing week. If you’re reading this I either 1) Miss you so much or 2) Am so excited to be reunited with you once again!!!

Pictures of our amazing pad very soon.

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