Spick and Span

I should have posted this about… mmm… three weeks ago, but I was, let’s just say, preoccupied.

I’m kind of a messy person. If you’ve EVER stepped into my room (or should I say, stepped over my clothes), you will know this to be true. This summer was no exception. From about June 5th, to about August 13th, my room had an ever growing pile of clothing on my floor that hit a breaking point when I literally ran out of clothes in my dresser and closet and was forced to face the problem head on. So as a statement of intent, I took all of the clothes and piled them onto my bed. My whole entire California King bed was covered about 2 feet deep with mess.

So with the selfless help of Lauren Gillan, we recorded the effort our 2 hours process of folding, hanging and cleaning. Then I condensed it to about 7 minutes. If you watch this whole thing you deserve a prize. I mean, I think it’s entertaining, but then again, I’m kind of full of myself.

Things you will learn from this video:

  1. I have way too much clothes. 
  2. I am so easily distracted. 
  3. When Kaitlin borrows my black and white striped shirt and gets make-up on it, I get upset. 

Bonus points if you count how many times I touch my ear. Nasty ear infection. Over-sharing.

Once again, today, I am about to have a go at cleaning my room for hours that could’ve been saved if I’d just taken the two seconds to put the clothing away when I take it off. But that would be way too easy.

3 thoughts on “Spick and Span

  1. I have now watched it all the way through twice because I think I saw it after you finished editing it…does that mean I get the ultimate supreme prize???haha I personally love how you continue to put on the clothes you are supposed to be putting away…great stuff.


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