Things I Want for Fall.

This is one of the most bittersweet times of year.
Summer is no longer a large heap of days that have no meaning with school as insignificant as a dot on the horizon, but you’re not quite ready to sharpen your new No. 2 pencils and buy a fresh pair of tennis shoes quite yet (seriously– the highlight of my summer every single year since I was in Kindergarten was the pair of brand new shoes that I got every year. I can smell the fresh rubber now…)

I’m always sad to say goodbye to summer (and in more recent years, goodbye to people too), but simultaneously excitedly looking forward to the productivity and growth that comes with a new school year. Something feverish has always excited me about fall. Maybe it’s because my birthday is making its long drawn out and rightly over celebrated appearance (September 24th. Mark your calendars). Maybe its the mystery of what classes, and teachers will be like that goes along with the routine monotony of going to school. Maybe I just like the way the leaves look so much more handsome and collegiate.
I don’t know what!
…But I think I have a pretty good guess.
The clothes.
I mean, who doesn’t love the clothes that come with fall!? The layering, the tailoring, the knits, the tweeds, the boots, the scarves!?! Oh, the scaaarves
So, to get you all as excited as I am about the pending season– and to perhaps give you a couple of ideas in regards to… maybe… I don’t know… birthday gifts for a dear friend?… (September 24th. September 24th. September 24th) I have compiled this small shopping list of goodies I want. And remember, I use the word ‘want’ loosely. Some may suggest that these are much more that ‘wants’ and perhaps even ‘needs.’
Oh, Clogs. Last year when I wanted you for graduation, I believed it might have just been a silly schoolgirl crush. But a year has came and went and my little heart still beats for you. Be mine forever (in Bordeaux, size 8)?

This belt from Madewell is literally called ‘The Perfect Leather Belt.’ And that’s because it is. Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. This year, next year, twenty years from now. This is such a great investment piece.

Last year my FAVORITE pair of shoes in the whole entire world died a slow and painful death. They were a perfect pair of olive loafers that I’d pretty much loved to death. The other day I saw a woman at work rocking these loafies and when I complimented her and shared with her my sad, sad story of the passing of my very own pair, she told me that the very same thing had happened with her old pair from J. Crew and that they had lasted her about 10 years! Now I want some for me.

Socks. So practical and so under appreciated. I will fully and unabashedly admit that I am one of those no sock girls. In younger years, there was turmoil in the House of Patton due to my refusal to suffocate my innocent feet in such an inhumane way (I live in Southern California for Heaven’s sake!), but it wasn’t until this year that I realized how absolutely vital they are in avoiding frostbitten toe amputation. I was completely unprepared. I resorted to layering 3 pairs of my thin work out peds– a practice that resulted in my feet looking rather swollen and enlarged in most of my shoes. This year, though, I intend to invest in some deliciously thick socks to not only comfort my poorly circulated extremities, but also to add onto a cozy layering affect on an outfit as they peek out the top of my boots.

This vest is cool. And from Old Navy. For like $35.oo. Come on over here and stay a while.

I meaaan… is this a joke? This skirt would literally go with EVERYTHING in my closet. And that’s not an exaggeration. Because I checked. EVERYTHING.

And then I need this haircut.

AND THIS CAMERA! I need some way to capture myself rocking all of these outfits! Come on, guys. I have asked for this for Christmas AND Birthdays for the past 3 years! Someone pull through for me.

Anywho. I love you all. Especially you, Grandma Bunny. I am excited to see you next Tuesday.
Hopefully this post doesn’t make me sound like a brat. Because hopefully you all know me well enough to know that I’m joking about needing all of this.
But if you really knew me well enough, you’d know that I’m actually not.

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