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Oh, lovers, what a summer it’s been. It is still far from over, thanks heavens (29 days until I lug my butt back over to Savannah), but I figured it was about time for some MoBz UpZ, if you know what I mean, string bean.

Here, fair Tamara and I are at the hat stand at the Santa Monica Flea Market. The whole day went smashingly, but I particularly liked this booth because when we posed for the picture, the man at the booth said about me, “Whoooo-weee, she got a stoooone cooooold face. Oh, dat’s cold!” I’ve never been so honored in my life.

Here we are at about 8:40 on a Monday morning as I get ready for work. I had gotten completely dressed and I was headed on over the bathroom to puts on ma herrs and maykup when I saw this staring back at me. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what happens when Julia takes a shower at night and is too lazy to take the extra 10 minutes to blow dry her hair before she goes to bed. 100% natural. Oh yeah, baby.

Midnight run to Del Taco for some chili cheese fries. Nothing more needs to be said.

Here is the start to the greatest game of Ghetto Scrabble ever played in Arrowhead. When the first two words played are “Yo” and “Dog” you know you’re in for a classy game.

Happy birthday, Maggie!!!! Dinner at the Cannery for Magner’s big 1-9. Ate my weight in seafood and creme brulee.

Goodness me, I do love summer.

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