I’ve found it.

So, along with being a blogger to this here lovely site, I am also an admitted blogaholic. I read about 40 different blogs regularly (thanks to the help of my bloglovin.com account). All of them vary from personal style blogs, to food blogs, to interesting people I’ve never met blogs, (“short blogs, tall blogs, fat blogs, skinny blogs,” she hums to herself). But, I will say that my major blog drug of choice has to be wedding blogs. Whether the focus is on photography or decor or jewelry or venues, I love a good wedding blog.
I swoon over the wedding dress, I drool over the pristine table settings and sometimes, I just get plain mad that I know my wedding is so gosh darn far away!
Well, the other day, I was catching up on my Snippet and Ink (one of the best out there) and I found it.
My favorite wedding. Of. All. Time. Enter Maria and Nick.
Folks, let me just say that this is saying a lot. I have seen my fair share of weddings that I thought took the cake. But I just CANNOT get enough of this wedding. I’ve probably looked at the pictures about 8 times and shown close to 5 different people the gorgeousness of this wedding.
Not convinced yet? Let me break down a few highlights for you:
An old pink church in the English countryside.
An adorable couple.
An impeccably styled wedding party.
…and easy on the eyes, I might add.
Sincere and beautiful emotion.
Creative yet elegant decor.
And finally, some sassy ass party pics!
What’s not the love!?! (the rest of the pictures– which are SO worth looking at– are here).
Wait– there’s more. So, just as my obsession with this unsuspecting couple was dying down, ANOTHER one of my favorite blogs had a post about wedding videography and whether it was worth it or not. This particular blogger said she wasn’t typically a huge fan, but she had recently seen a video that just about turned her world upside down. So, I clicked on the link to the video that had come so highly recommended and… sure enough… there they were. NICK AND MARIA. So, lucky me, I got to creep even harder on all of the details of their wedding day in this gorgeous video. I literally guarantee you will not regret watching it. Just push play. Do it.
So. At this point, I’ve convinced myself that I now know this couple and it’s not weird at all that I have pretty much implanted myself in one of the most intimate days of their lives. I know that this is not the last time I will melt over these pictures.
They will go on to have 38 children– each more awesome than the next. There will be only laughter pouring out of their gorgeous home (honestly, how could it not be gorgeous). Nick’s accent will only get cooler and cooler with age and Maria’s hair, longer and longer. And their marriage will last FOREVER.
I’m convinced.

6 thoughts on “I’ve found it.

  1. so adorable. and that wedding video is so epic and beautiful. makes me want that for my wedding someday!

  2. hi!

    just wanted to say (personally) thank you SO much for your sweet, sweet words about our wedding!!! it was so humbling reading your blog post – i almost cried! nick and i are so shocked at the outpouring of love about our big day – it is so cool that people feel connected to us and to our wedding even though they don't know us!

    we are photographers and filmmakers ourselves, so finding someone to capture our story was really important! anyway, i know you don't know us, but “hello, nice to meet you – i'm maria, and that hot english guy over there is nick. we love your blog!” now you do – it's official, we're friends. 🙂

    thanks again – you really made our day!!!!


  3. Oh my goodness! What an amazing surprise. Thank YOU guys for having such a beautiful wedding and allowing creepy bloggers like me to just gawk all over it.

    So glad we are officially friends and congratulations on getting married! That really is just so exciting.

    I'm glad I made your guys' day– you definitely returned the favor. 🙂

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