Big Bear

Heading up to the local mountains for the weekend to enjoy some R&R with two of my favorite people, Sara and Christina. I met Christina in Jr. Kindergarten when she and I were 2 of 4 girls in a class with 20 other boys. Pretty good odds. Too bad we were more into the Girls Rule, Boys Drool phase at that point. Sara and I met in Kindergarten at MCS, but only really became close the end of our 8th grade year. They are two of the most amazing women who are smart, funny, and gorgeous– not to mention they both love Jesus!
Christina just finished her first year at Pepperdine and is heading abroad to Venice for a whole year this coming September! So jealous. Sara, a crazy talented athlete ever since I’ve known her, is heading back down to UCSD in a few weeks to start training for her second year on their volleyball team. Maybe her talent stems from the fact that she’s just shy of 6 feet with arms and legs longer than my whole body. Maybe.
I have been looking forward to this little weekend getaway for what feels like a lifetime. I am ready for a lot of sun, a lot of laughing, a lot of talking and a lot of eating.
I’m so excited that I even threw together this little playlist for funzies. As stated in my last playlist post, no music snobs allowed. I like my music and it likes me. And hey- this playlist is actually pretty “hip,” as the kids are saying.
See you on Sunday!

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