It is Wednesday and I literally cannot believe it. By fart, THE SLOWEST WEEK OF THE SUMMER. I just re-read that last sentence and noticed my typo, but guess what? I’m not correcting it.
This has been a weird week. For one, it has felt like Thursday every day since Monday. Another reason being that just I was finally getting used to the new arrangement of the furniture in my room and then on Monday, we switched it again. So when I wake up, I am so confused. Poor me. Finally, I can’t find my second tennis shoe. Ugh.
Today, I saw this beauty and it just about turned my frown right back upside-down. Neon Celine? I mean… come on.

I’m just going to sit here and take deep breaths while I look at it for a couple more hours.
And then it will finally be Thursday.

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