Alarmingly Accurate

A couple of nights ago, the fam and I went to Mongolian BBQ for a delicious dinner. After finishing my chicken bowl and wrapping up our meal, I glanced at the deluxe place mats that I had so ignorantly overlooked. They were, of course, your run of the mill chinese calendar but reading them in accordance to each member of my family made me realize how oddly on point each year was. So, of course, I made each of them give me their best cock, ox, and snake face.
Let’s begin with Donald, the Cock…. ahem…

A pioneer spirit, you are devoted to work and quest after knowledge. You are selfish and eccentric (not very true). Rabbits are trouble. Snakes and oxen are fine.

Speaking of Oxen, here’s one now!

Bright, patient, and inspiring to others. You can be happy by yourself, yet make an outstanding parent. Marry and snake or a cock (Hey!). The sheep will bring trouble.

Kaitlin the Snake.

Wise and intense with a tendency towards physical beauty. Vain and high tempered. The boar is your enemy. The Cock and the Ox are your friends.

And finally, Julia the Sheep.
Elegant and creative, you are timid and prefer anonymity. You are most compatible with Boars and Rabbits, but never the Ox (sorry, Mom).

Yep. I think that pretty much sums up my family. Needless to say, it’d be foolish to put too much clout into these sort of shenanigans, but forcing your family to make ridiculous faces for the sake of the blog is standard practice around these parts. Not to mention fun.

And I think life needs more fun.

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  1. It is so funny how accurate those are!!! does that mean I'm a sheep too? I think that kind of stuff is so interesting. Have you read my birthday book? Same idea and usually accurate. Strange…

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