Belated 4th of July

I had so much fun at the other Patton’s house for the 4th. Someone had commented how great it is that the four cousins get along so well. The point was made that that wasn’t always necessarily the case– although we always have loved and cared for each other, only recently have we really come to enjoy each other’s company. I am so grateful for everyone in my family. They rock.

Before we jump into the festive pictures of sparklers and red, white and blue, we must note that our day started off with some errands and a deliciously all American burger at Tommy’s Burgers. If you’ve never been before, believe me, you are missing out. Two words: chili and cheese. I mean, that’s all you really need to know.

Then after the burgers, we ran around Costa Mesa checking things off the to-do list. We had to stop off at Sherwin-Williams to pick up some paint for a little side table that I’m currently over hauling. The delightful young man who helped us with our selection was named Pedro. He could tell how excited I was for my future painting endeavors, so he offered to outfit us in the most elite of gear that he had to offer– free hats.
Taryn and I with our spaaklaas (Bostonian accent).
The children.
Somehow the smallest Hatfield ended up on my lap for a solid 30 minutes. Not one tear was shed… by either of us. Personal best.

Mommy and KK.


2 thoughts on “Belated 4th of July

  1. I am obsessed with this last picture of the four of us! I have had the one of us on Christmas when we got our bracelets from bun-buns on the couch with the coffee cups in my dorm room for the past two years but I think this one might replace it(: love you oh so very much!

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