When Two Blogs Collide

This week, I had the pleasure of spending my Wednesday evening with none other than the oh-so-talented-blogger-mom-extroardinaire, Lindsay Thorburn, of Sweet Ben and Little Lyle. Not only do I know Lindsay through church and her awesome blog, but we in fact met close to 9 years ago on a church trip that I took way back in 5th grade. On Wednesday when I reminded Lindsay how we met, she in turn reminded me that I had brought some sort of plastic snake in my bag as a prank. I had completely forgotten that. Apparently, she was not amused. Oh, Linda, you trained me well.
The purpose of this little get together was not just to chat about our mutual love for Mormon Mom blogs, or for me to easily polish off the amazing cookies she had baked that afternoon, but really for me to give her a few sewing tips (that later proved to be completely unnecessary and unhelpful) so we (she) could make beautiful creations! When she proposed the idea of these hang out sessions a couple months ago, I was absolutely 100% on board.
Earlier this week Lindsay e-mailed me with a couple of ideas of what we could make. She was super excited about this simple jersey skirt she had found on a blog and tossed it out as a good start to our very rigorous and well thought out summer curriculum. Over confident in my capabilities, I didn’t think that a seasoned seamstress as myself would even have an issue with something so… sophomoric.
That skirt chewed us up and spit us out.
No, that is not a gathered pillowcase Lindsay is holding up. Despite the boxy shape and un-even hem, that is indeed the finished product of the skirt.
Contrary to what you may think, that adorable decorative seam was not on purpose, but simply an added bonus to our “special technique” of sewing.
There was one success of the evening; a children’s dress that Lindsay had already been working on for little Eden Newcott that we craftily finished off with this flower. I had no part in the making of the dress, thus: successful.
This is just the beginning of our crafting friendship though. And I for see huge successes in our future endeavors. I intend to keep all you suckers informed as we delve into the wonderful and mystical world of DIY.
PS- Lindsay– I ended up wearing the skirt as PJ’s and it was like sleeping on a cloud. I would highly recommend it.

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