What a Crabby Father’s Day.

So, Although this is over a week belated, I have been meaning to share pics from Father’s Day Fish Fest 2011.
We have a Father’s Day tradition which is to make little old Donny more crab (and sometimes lobster) than his patriarchal heart could ever dream of and indulge him with the treats of the sea. And even though we do the exact same thing every… single… year (for over ten years), we have the same problem every… single… year: How much crab should we buy? You’d think that we’d have a component as simple and vital to the success of the meal like that figured out long ago, but this is just simply not the case. Instead, my mom, Kaitlin and I find ourselves standing in front of the Crab Man at Costco arguing over whether the conservative 6 lb. range is enough or the more excessive 10 lbs. is appropriate.

Somehow, I seemed convince mom to go with the theory that more is more and in regards to our one crab splurge a year, there should be no careful consideration involved. More.
Though I have always been somehow involved of the preparation of the food, this year mom said Kaitlin and I were old enough to take on the responsibility of handling the crab. But just because I’m old enough to make the crab DOES NOT mean I’m mature enough not to take the opportunity to play with the food. Don’t my claws look so real?

And here is the man of the hour. Doesn’t he just look so filled with fatherly satisfaction? Other must haves of the meal include sourdough bread rolls, beer and KFC cole slaw. He’s just as happy as a… crab? Come on… If you thought I was going to pass up that joke opportunity you must be new to this blog. Welcome.

Well, it turns out that 10 lbs. of crab is ridiculously too much for 4 people and at the end of the meal we had about 6.5 lbs. leftover. My bad. But do not fear for Crab Soup is here! The next day after I came home from work, it was all about lady team effort once again as Kaitlin, mom and I made a delicious and (somewhat) nutritious crab bisque.

Taken over by the excitement of our pending meal (and by the fact that I was wearing my mom’s amazing red house dress she has literally had since I was born) I felt the urge to dance. First it came slow with a little shake in my hips and the tap of my spoon, but soon the spirit of the dance had taken over me and I could not be tamed.

The crab dance had started in our heads, our hearts and our feet.
A haiku:
Sometimes crabs are bad
Simmer, simmer feet and soup
Crab Dance your ass off

The soup ended up not being very good.

One thought on “What a Crabby Father’s Day.

  1. 1-i like your claws
    2- did kaitlin cut her hair?
    3- i like your cooking dress
    4- i miss you
    5-i miss you
    6-i miss you


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