A Much Needed Friday.

Oy. What a week. I know I’ve been a little slower than usual when it comes to the blogging, but that isn’t for lack of trying. This has got to be the 5th or 6th attempted post this week (fingers crossed that this one comes to fruition).
I’ve mentioned on here how swamped I have been with work, but I don’t think I’ve really explained how. Well, like I mentioned before, I am so lucky to have an awesome job this summer at Studio Suzan, a small collectible jewelry store over in Costa Mesa. I lucked out majorly due to the fact that they’re office manager and all around keeps-everything-together-like-glue-angel-lady-extroardinaire, Martha, is about 8 and a half months pregnant and is going on maternity leave any day now, really. So, I am currently being trained (fast fast fast before her water breaks) as her replacement (replacement, by the way is such an overstatement, because I will never be as amazing as Martha is) for the next 6 weeks.
I’m already learning so much and I am finding out how much I love having a job and being a productive worker bee, but working 4 days a week 9-5 while the majority of your friends frolic in the summer sun (or lack thereof) can be a bit of a buzz kill. And because all of my days are taken up with work, all friends and family time gets pushed to my nights. So this week, like last, I had quite the marathon of birthday parties, sleepovers, father’s day celebrations (pictures of that broo-haha are still coming) and anything and everything wonderful. And as much as I had a blast doing literally every single thing on my schedule this week, it is now Friday afternoon at 8:25 sitting in my bed listening to James Taylor and I am poopled (I meant to type pooped, but I think I like the typo version better. Poopled. New word).
Julia fun fact: If I’m in a crummy mood, usually (99.999% of the time) it’s because I’m tired or hungry. I’m like a baby that way. And unless you give me sleep or food, it is near impossible to get me out of that mood. I’m like a brat that way. BUT! Subtly turn on James Taylor and my mood will take a 180 guaranteed. I’m like my mom that way.
So, even though I feel like I have been doing this waaay too much lately and kind of using the fact that I’m being an actually productive and contributing person as a blogger’s cop-out, I am going to once again just post pictures from my phone. Because they are what is making me happy right now. And when I am on my lunch break at work and I wonder what everyone in the real world is doing at that very moment, the pictures on my phone (and angry birds) are what I turn to.
Here we see dear Kaitlin giving me a loving sendoff on Tuesday on my way to work. She, about to go on a walk with Kaytee Drake, insisted that we document this moment of, in her words “you being smart and going to work and me being a lazy loser”– a recreation of a similar picture we took together way back when I was on my way to school in 7th grade and she was at home, sick.

Here is the original.
Notable changes: Different house, my neck is significantly beefier and Kaitlin’s hair is adorably shorter.
Although, it is evident that Kaitlin still loves brightly colored shorts.

Hey! That’s me in the front left sitting with some of my favorite people at Kelly’s birthday! Oh, what a lovely evening that was. Cheeseburgers and laughter and glowing eyes. What more could a girl ask for on her birthday? A miniature pony perhaps….
I got to hang out with one of my oldest and dearest friends last night, Dana, and after a failed attempt at yoga class, we hit up I-town’s (Irvine, obvi) best sushi. I can’t recall the name of the place, but it was amamamazzizizizzinnnnggggg. Dana is seen here testing the waters with a mountain of lobster atop a delicious tuna roll.

There isn’t a much to say about this picture.

The rose bush in our front yard is on fire right now. There are literally about 10 roses blooming right now. The little things.

So, while father Don is away on his manly man golfing trip in Nebraska, my mom decided to indulge her need for speed and the wind in her face by renting a convertible for the day. Just for fun. That’s why I love my mom. Her spontaneity is truly inspiring.
I’m not much of a convertible gal. I don’t know. They just kind of bug me.
Ah, Friday. I love you so much.

3 thoughts on “A Much Needed Friday.

  1. haha oh man what a sexy pic of me.. not! haha but that was a great day/night! next time we need to get pics TOGETHER for once! 😉 love you!

  2. sounds like an amazing friday! and I absolutely love your mom's spontaneity…looks like so much fun! we need to hang out again…SOON!! love you!

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