I Don’t Know if I’ve Made Myself Clear…

…but I freaking love my Oreos. They are simultaneously crispy and creamy. The fact that they are black and white mean that they match with any outfit. They fill emotional voids that healthy behavior like talking things out can’t. And they are BFF’s with my favorite beverage ever: milk.
What could be better?
I’ll tell you. Eating homemade Oreos with three of your favorite people ever.

My beautiful sister Kaitlin has many strengths. In the past, cooking has not been one of them. One time she burnt water. True story. But RECENTLY, my little lamb has been cooking up a storm! This weekend, there was the amazing greek pasta and then tonight she whipped these bad boys up!!! WHO ARE YOU!?!
I am so thrilled to be sitting on the couch right now wedged in between Kaitlin to my left and Taryn and Tracy on my right. It’s funny to me that the older we get and the farther apart we live, the closer I feel to them. They make me so so so happy.
MMM-mmmm. De-lish. I only break-out the Bermuda Sweatshirt for big occasions and these Oreos deserved VIP treatment all da way to ma belly.
Oh. And then my mom spit up all of her milk on the counter because we made her laugh. Ahhh, Linda. I love you so much. But not just because of the fact that you let me laugh at you.
It’s painful how much I love this summer already.

3 thoughts on “I Don’t Know if I’ve Made Myself Clear…

  1. So glad we were able to make it over to your adorable house last night! Dinner, dessert, and a movie with my wonderful family…oh happy day(:


  2. It looks like a good time was had by all! We need a blog on what had your mom cracking up.
    You all look beautiful.
    ~Aunt Sue


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