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Usually, I don’t like to put up my work on my blog/facebook/whatever because I feel like it’s real real annoying. BUT! I spent a buttload of time on the lamp (my 3D final) and I’m super happy with the way it turned out. So, I figured I’d break my own rule and show pictures of the process of making the lamp.
Ok. Step 1. After googling about 30 videos of how to make crocheted flowers, I finally found one that made any sort of sense to me from this lady with ridiculously painted finger nails and a British accent. Each flower took about 6 or 7 minutes to make (depending on how focused I was).

After crocheting ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY FLOWERS (and wanting to kill myself), I began to individually tie each flower together with thread to make rows. Eventually, it equalled out to be four rows. And then it would fell apart. So I did it again. Ok. It worked.
Then, I made a hoop with aluminum armature wire (a 3D design staple) and wrapped it with yarn. After that was done, I tied the sheet of flowers to the hoop to make the lamp shade.
Finally, I attached a light chord that I bought at Home Depot and hung it up. Umm… did I mention that earlier this weekend, I put the light socket together wrong and accidentally blew a fuse out that resulted in the whole floor’s power going out? Because I did. Oops.
So, I plugged that bad boy in and here it is! In all it’s thready glory.
I’m going to try and hang it up in my new house. We’ll see how that one goes. Hopefully I don’t blow out Savannah’s power. Finger’s crossed.

2 thoughts on “Light Fixture

  1. Juj that looks incredible! I'm in awe that you were able to do that…so talented! You should go into a crochet light fixture business and charge people oodles of money…it's going to be the new fad just you wait and see!

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