Ahh, yes. The last finals post of the 2011. This chart is actually alarmingly accurate in regards to the rest of the year, but during finals week there is no time for lazy nonsense. …I will cop to the binge eating though. Ben and Jerry have got me on lock. Finals make me hungry. Sue me.

Today I find myself in the midst of a to-do list tizzy tossed around and mixed with an end of the year panic. I finally finished my crochet light fixture this morning (pictures soon) and I am so so so thrilled to check that and my 3D Artist’s Statement of Intent (a fancy art school way of saying ‘essay’) off my list. One class down. But there is no rest for the weary! I just got back from Boundary hall (where I was working on my light fixture) and it’s right back to work on my Art History homework. The plan for the rest of the day is to 1. finish all of my ARTH homework by 5 o’clock 2. take a quick victory nap 3. grab a sub from the sub shop 4. and finally get a good chunk started on my drawing final before I hit zee hay.
Part of me hates finals, but then the hyper organized list maker (that I didn’t know I was before this year) absolutely lives for this sort of controlled chaos.

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