So, sometimes in the middle of the night (and only at night) I get these very specific bug bites. They usually itch so bad that it wakes me up. What makes them weird is how much they hurt when I get bitten. Like last night, sometimes I’ll get up and go into the bathroom to turn on the light and see that they are this weird misshapen, flat, white bite. And in spite of all of my google researching, I can never figure out where they’re coming from! And then in the morning, the white misshapen-ness of them are gone and just a very small, very subtle redness is left. They definitely aren’t mosquito bites. And I know their not chiggers because I’ve gotten them in Newport too. They’re probably some sort of spider, but if anyone knows, fill me in because I literally get them once every year and the curiosity is killing me!

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  1. OMG — I have had those!!!! I can't remember if they were experienced in Sri Lanka or last year. But I totally have had the exact same ones. They kill!!! They are white, puffy, and hurting. THEN poof! Vanish! Gone. I wish I had more to tell you. But I want to tknow tooo!

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