Inspiration Pieces

Yesterday I became the proud owner of these two beautiful chairs, the first of many great antique finds in Savannah for our house next year. Claire and I were on our way to Target when she spotted them outside of Habersham Antiques and she yelled at me to “TURN AROUND! TURN AROUND! ORANGE CHAIRS! GO BACK!” We were thrilled to find that they were within our price range and we immediately surmised that they would go wonderfully in the sun room.
After sending a pic of them to the other roomies on my phone, I made them come see them in person. Approved. Sold.
When I called Eliza, one of the current tenants of our house, to see if we could drop them off, I mentioned that they were ridiculously large, but according to the look on her face when she opened to the door, I don’t think she would’ve imagined that I meant ridiculously large, bright poppy colored, wicker chairs that stand just about as tall as Claire and I do.
They are such a statement and now that they’re in my head, they are acting as a starting point to so many new decor ideas. I am as happy as can be with my purchase and I can’t wait to cozily drink some tea and read a good book as the morning sun beams upon my face.

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